Hi there, I'm Deborah!

I'm a user experience/interaction designer with a service design approach. Straight to the point: I like to solve problems. In my opinion, interactive products are always part of a story, the bigger picture why someone wants to use it in the first place.

My skills

With a Bachelor in Communication and Multimedia Design (cum laude), I am
educated in user experience design and service design with the following skills:


There is more coming for 2014... During my time at Fonk I've worked on some
interesting projects, like Spits Alkmaar (Medirol), and exciting start-ups like
StoriesPlayground, which are in development as we speak!

Final thesis: Suitsupply - Suited for Special Moments iPad app

For my final thesis I did a project for Fonk, exploring a new digital solution they could offer in fashion retail. It was applied to Suitsupply, researching how interactive media could assist young professionals find a clothing combination, so an employee could help these customers better and faster instore, optimizing the user experience. With doing extensive user reseach, applying service design techniques and working closely with both groups, the project resulted in a iPad application that could be used instore, but also has the potential to be implementated online, for any other given brand/shop.
Duration of the project: 6 months (Mar 2014-Aug 2014)

ING Fame Game - iPhone app

Kids who can handle money are less likely to cope with financial problems when they're older. February 2014, ING thought it was time for a new version of their Fame Game app, that adresses this issue. Together with another intern at Fonk, we researched the target group, gathering information about how their (financial) mindset changed since releasing the first version (about two years ago), and what was important to them nowadays. We came up with a concept for an iPhone app that would allow them to create videoclips of their chosen skill (like fashion, skating, soccer or singing). Incorporating financial issues within this journey, the dilemmas become more relevant to the kids, and thereby making them more involved with the choices they make. After this, I acted as a sounding board for the interaction design.
Duration of the project: 2 months (Feb 2014-Apr 2014)

PriceCheck - Tablet app

PriceCheck, the biggest price comparison website in South Africa, was in need of a tablet app. Working together with the Cape Town office of Fonk we did extensive research on where our target group was located and how we could form personae around them. In this project, I was responisble for coordinating with the Cape Town office, conducting user research, partly concepting, coming up with user flows, all the way down to the complete interaction design and user stories.
Duration of the project: 4 months (Nov 2013-Feb 2014)

Fonk - Service Design

After researching the type of clients Fonk wants to attract, and coming up with personae, I developed a typical customer journey, and brainstormed on how the experience could be optimized, making it consistent across the different touchpoints. As a first phase, I started redesiging the website, developing a content strategy with a copywriter, and translating it into a concept and interaction design. After the visual designer made a new identity, I did some small visual design work on the case studies and website. I also worked on a social media plan, and developed a concept on how to integrate (and promote) own products like the AppCards into the customer journey (loyalty programme).
Duration of the project: 4 months (Sept 2013-Jan 2014) (ongoing project)


Stedelijk Museum - Interactive tour for VMBO students

Think of Het Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and you wouldn't say VMBO students from the top of your mind. They think it's boring, mostly because they don't understand modern and contemporary art. It's hard for them to put it into context and they wonder what they can benefit from learning about it. With this user insight, I created (designed, and prototyped - the link can be found in the design specification) an interactive tour of the museum which encourages the students to bond with the collection in their on way, creating their own exhibition, without taking too much attention away the art.
Duration of the project: 2 months (May-June 2013)

Holiday Home AZ - Custom Management System

Holiday Home AZ decided it was time to develop a content management system for (incoming) reservations. With context in mind, the interaction design is all about supporting the admin. It's based on a set of situations that can trigger the need to use the system. For example: a change made to a reservation, or a received down payment. It can also be something that's designed into the system, for example a reminder of people who didn't pay in time, or a reminder that there will be visitors soon, and the house needs a final check-up.
Duration of the project: 3 weeks (April-May 2013)

Gosnowboarding - Website & CMS Funnel Design

GoSnowboarding offers short holidays for snowboarders. After mapping both the goals and wishes of the user and client, I discovered an opportunity: a new way of making a reservation. Not as an individual, but as a group. Deciding the destination and accommodation together, and tailoring the extra's (rental, lessons) to everyone's need. For the client this is a great way to achieve more upsell, because there is not one person in charge of making the decisions. Next to this, I also designed a flow for the the content managent system of the website, which main focus is efficiency.
Duration of the project: 3 weeks (March 2013)

Muzikantenbank.net - UX Map

How do users of Muzikantenbank.net experience finding a band to play in? By means of phenomenological research, I interviewed a couple of people (in about 30-45 minutes). After this, I explored the highs and lows of the experience by using the Experience Framework. My results are summarized in a poster, which could be used to optimise the experience of the website.
Duration of the project: 3 weeks (March 2013)

Favoroute - Android App

The Dutch startup Favoroute is a website where users can plan their own trip based on tips (favo's) of friends, people they know, or people similar to them (lifestyle). Because it's only available on a website, Favoroute was looking for a design for a mobile app. After all, the concept goes extemely well together with mobile. With this in mind, I designed different wireflows of an Android app that focusses on usage during a trip: looking up interesting places and sharing great experiences.
Duration of the project: 3 weeks (February-March 2013)

FamilieFoto Photoframe (healthcare concept)

FamilieFoto is a concept of an interactive photoframe with which elderly people can stay at their own home and live independently longer. It stimulates interaction between elderly people and their (grand)children. The goal is to make use of informal care more effectivly and therfore aiming to provide custom healthcare (it's about quality, not quantitity). The whole system consists of the photoframe, a responsive webapp and a healthcare monitor. FamilieFoto has been honored with a nomination for the SpinAwards Young Talent 2013 category!
Duration of the project: 5 months (September 2012-February 2013)


Jobnet - Service Design

Jobnet was looking for advice on how they could optimise the user experience, making it consistent through their different channels. We researched the market, the possible target groups and stakeholders, and went with optimising the service for potential advertisers. With customer journeys, we gained insight in items that could be improved and gave advice on it. With this advice in mind, we designed a tool that solves the main problem (in our opinion) and with a service blueprint gave a suggestion how this tool could be implemented in their existing service.
Duration of the project: 6 weeks (December 2012-January 2013)

Mix n Match - Search System

With designing this search system, I looked for a way to engage the users with the search results by letting them create something with it. Result: a social search system based on 99 pieces of clothing where you can mix and match your ideal outfit, tailored to your wishes, your location and your context. And if you get stuck... Well, why don't you ask some advice?
Duration of the project: 3 weeks (January 2013)

Upload TV - Second Screen app

UploadTV was starting a new show on Nederland 3. They were looking for a second screen app to engage people with the show. Under the heading of 'Be your own director', we developed a concept that could grant the users control over the show. The more they interacted with the second screen, the more options were unlocked in the app. The goal is to work your way to the top: be the director! To encourage social interaction, we included a Hangout where people could work together to reach the top by participating in group contests.
Duration of the project: 2,5 months (March-June 2012)

Lowlands - Community website

Lowlands is a very popular festival. Mojo Concerts, organizer of the festival, sees potentional in exploring opportunities regarding to 'Lowlands All Year Round'. Based on this and the target group, I came up with the concept of a community website called 'Live Life Lowlands'. For this website, I made the information architecture (sitemap, content matrix, wireframes). It's an online community for the people who think three days of Lowlands just isn't enought. It's society 'Lowlands style', with room for humor, but also serious matters and most of all, a sense of solidarity.
Duration of the project: 3 weeks (February 2012)


Amsterdam City Archives - Interactive Installation

Amsterdam City Archives were looking for a way to bring their 'treasures' onto the streets. That's where this interactive installation comes in. It's aimed at new residents of the Amsterdam Canal District, making them familiar with the treasures in their neigbourhood, in this case, beautiful interiors of canal houses and their rich history. With physical objects and a Surface Table, the new residents can combine and explore different interiors with characteristics of canal houses to create their own. It's designed for outside, but best suited for an exhibition.
Duration of the project: 3 months (March-June 2011)

Internships / Work experience

An overview of my internships and work experience so far.

Let's get in touch!

If you want to talk to, or have need for an user experience/interaction designer, let me know! And if you don't, and just want to talk about interesting projects let's get in touch either way! I'm interested in meeting you and hearing your thoughts.

You can reach me at: info@deborahschrijver.nl, or you can drop me a message at my LinkedIn profile.